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Arshak Andriasov - Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op. 13

Arshak Andriasov wrote his Sonata for Viola and Piano in 2015 and dedicated this piece to his friend Victor Romasevich. The Sonata was first premiered by Victor and Arshak in Philadelphia, PA.

Arshak Andriasov has said that "the Sonata is about the World's use of people, and how people are spit out after all their energy has been used up. People are given different illusions that will entice them to work for the World. The idea of money, nature, material things, and all other creations are used by the World to make people slaves and to bitterly fight for a human-created "prize".

The Piano represents the World and the Viola is the human being. The Piano part mostly maintains their rhythmic patterns (comfortable with how life has been created and continued. There are alterations when a human being notices how life truly is, thus changing in tone and bitterness. The Viola part is fluid and various, showing immaturity, kindness, love, anger, and all other emotions in life.


Victor Romasevich, Viola
Arshak Andriasov, Piano

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