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Arshak Andriasov - Seven Preludes for Piano, Op. 1

In 1997, when he was 17 years old, Arshak Andriasov wrote the Seven Preludes for Piano. Sometimes referred to as the seven days of the week, Arshak dedicated these compositions to his family and friends.

Pianist Cheyne Yu has written: “The musical texture in terms of styles and characters for each prelude are versatile with depth. As a pianist, one may find the process for preparing the performance of the preludes a joy, that the same chord progression or the same melodic phrase reveals different colors each day. It feels as if a gemstone reflects varied colors that depend upon the different angles facing the sun. It is how this work responds to the performer because of its various richness and subtlety in each prelude. Surely once an able performer carries out the rendition of the beauty which residing in the piece, the audience would be mesmerized.”


Arshak Andriasov, Piano

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