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Margaret Luke Cornils, Flutist & Composer

started her musical studies with piano at the age of 5 and flute two years later. She has studied flute privately with Geoffrey Gilbert (teacher to James Galway). Margaret Cornils Luke was awarded several educational awards to study and received her master’s degree in Flute Performance from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. She has performed alongside such classical musicians as Isaac Stern and Mstislav Rostropovich. Margaret Cornils Luke has over 35 years of teaching experience from beginning level to college and professional level.

"In the year of 2014, I performed an All-Russian..."

“In the year 2014, I performed an All-Russian composer program at Carnegie Hall. Every year at Carnegie, I try to do something different. That year, I thought it appropriate to do some great music from Russia. Little did I know, 2014 would be filled with strife between Ukraine and Russia. I almost did not perform the program because of it. Thank goodness, I was talked into it by my management to go forward with the program. I had no idea so many Russian immigrants would come to my concert and be filled with joy, just to hear “their” music again. Such is the case with the Andriasov, Musical Sketch. I knew nothing of the name before I ordered the music. Then, after much research I find out what an important man and composer, Iosif Andriasov was. His music and legacy are something to be treasured, and his son Arshak and wife, Marta are keeping his writing and “breath” alive today! Iosif wrote an absolutely haunting Musical Sketch for flute and orchestra (piano). It is rather short but is filled with much depth. I could feel Iosif’s power and determination through this piece. It is compelling and is filled with much emotion that radiates to the audience. It was an extreme pleasure and privilege to bring his music to such a caring audience. I will be sure to never put his music away, because of Andriasov’s struggle to make a government “right”, his struggle to create “art” and never have it destroyed. We must NEVER take our rights for freedom of our art for granted. That is why his piece. Musical Sketch is SO important. I encourage you to read Iosif Andriasov’s story.”

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