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Karen Keller, Fan

The piano has been in Karen Keller’s life since the day she was born. Her mother played the piano by ear. Meeting her husband, his family, and then Arshak Andriasov has taught Karen to listen deeply for the passion that comes from the composer and the performer. Classical Music has enriched her life in so many ways. Her son, Elliott Keller, is a dancer and choreographer and he first choreographed Arshak Andriasov’s “Ballet” for the Brockport School of Dance and Performing Arts.

"I have been exposed to Classical Music my entire life but never..."

“I have been exposed to Classical Music my entire life but never truly learned to appreciate it until the year of 2010. My son was asked to choreograph Arshak Andriasov’s “Ballet” for Piano. I would listen while Elliott was constantly playing the music. While listening to this piece, I grew more in love with the passion, joy, sorrow, and all around expression that was going on throughout. When I actually saw the piece performed and met Arshak in person, I felt an instant bond, appreciation, and admiration for Arshak whom was carrying on the tradition that his beloved Father and Mother had instilled in him at a very early age. When we attend Arshak & Marta’s concerts, I go away feeling so many different emotions I literally cry with tears of joy and sorrow. I know of Arshak’s childhood background from many gatherings since that 1st introduction in 2010, and I am still feeling and experiencing those emotions, and will always truly be grateful to him for introducing to me not only a kind soul and loving musical family but, enriching my life and the struggles that he goes through to share the true beauty you have to dig deep into the pieces they perform to understand and receive what is being given to the listener. Forever grateful for bringing me into the true world of classical music!”

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