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Jane Dron, Fan

was born in 1983 in a little town located in South of Ukraine. Since early start, Yevgeniya Dron was heavily involved in Musical School of Conservatory in her hometown, where she studied vocal, classical piano, cello and History Of Music. When she arrived to Brooklyn, NY in 1995, she joined her school’s Jazz Band, and performed all over NYC various concert halls with the school’s band. Today her love continues for classical music, even though she no longer practices playing the piano, she enjoys listening to it. Currently she is a busy mother of two children, and works as an educational director in one of the busiest daycares on Staten Island. She hopes that one day her children will be great pianists.

"On April 19, 2015 I had a chance to go on this wonderful..."

“On April 19, 2015 I had change to go on this wonderful trip by the ferry and then the train to see my wonderful and amazing friend who had his own performance at one of the halls at Hunter College. The whole concert was very organized, the performers themselves new the pieces and played beautifully without any mistakes. The hall was half full, but it didn’t matter, the pieces that they played were written by the wonderful late Iosif Andriasov. I was accompanied by my 6 year old son, who sat through the entire performance without moving a muscle. There is just something about classical music, that when it’s being played it takes to this unimaginable place that is hard to explain. I would love to attend many more of these types of events. Overall my son and I had a great time!”

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