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Asa Maria Gustavsson, Flutist

studied the flute at Svenska Konservatoriet in Jakobstad under Ole Gustavsson. Åsa continued her studies in Helsinki under Tapio Jalas and Mikael Helasvuo, and in 1993 she passed the examination in flute at Turku Conservatory in 1993. She became certified as a flute teacher in 1996. Since then, Åsa Gustavsson has broadened her flute studies at the Lahti Polytechnic Faculty of Music under the guidance of Rainer Risberg. In 2005, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Music. She has continued her studies in the Helsinki Polytechnic Faculty of Music (Metropolia) and completed her Master of Culture and Arts in May 2009. Åsa Gustavsson has been active in orchestras, playing in a chamber music ensemble, making recordings. She is currently working as a flute teacher at Musikinstitutet Kungsvägen in Espoo, Finland. Åsa Gustavsson is also active as a performing artist.

"One year ago, in the summer of 2014, I suddenly..."

“One year ago, in the summer of 2014, I suddenly got a message through the web community LinkedIn. Getting messages from different composers wasn´t really new to me. As a matter of fact, after I made a profile on LinkedIn, many composers over the world suddenly contacted me about their music. Some of the music that has been sent to me seem quite interesting, and some of it could even be used in my flute class among my flute students. This message was somehow different and I was touched about the friendly and kind pianist and composer that suddenly spoke to me over the Atlantic.

I´m of course thinking of Arshak Andriasov´s proposal to play his father´s flute music. Arshak was kind enough to send me the sheet music of Iosif Andriasov´s “Musical Sketch” for flute and piano. I also got a link to YouTube so that I could listen to the music. I was at once touched by this beautiful piece of music. Finding new music to play isn´t always easy. During my many years as a flutist and flute teacher, I´ve noticed that it´s extremely important that the music I choose for my performances really speak to my heart and feelings. Only then I feel comfortable in front the audience, which I think all musicians have in common. Therefore I was really happy about finding out about this piece of music!

Arshak Andriasov kindly asked me if I would like to perform the “Musical Sketch”, and that would be the first performance of this piece in Finland. I agreed to his request of course, and started to plan a recital. The recital was meant to be in Autumn 2014, but for several reasons I had to move the concert forward to the third of May 2015. I was then invited by the chamber music association “Vaasan kamarimuusikot ry” to give a concert in Vaasa, a small city on the west coast of Finland.

As I started to prepare my recital, I also listened to other music composed by Iosif Andriasov. Suddenly a whole new world of music was opened to me. I was surprised by the amount of music Iosif Andriasov had composed during his lifetime, and also struck by the beauty of his music. During the time of rehearsals I had great help with the interpretation of the “Musical Sketch” by discussing the piece with Arshak and my pianist Gustav Nyström. Actually it was fantastic to have the opportunity to discuss the music with the composer’s son. I have never had the possibility to do so before, and I´m so thankful of all the advice Arshak gave me.

My first performance of Iosif Andriasov’s “Musical Sketch” took place in the Museum of Modern Art “Kuntsi” in Vaasa. The program we were playing contained of music by Hummel, Gaubert, Reinecke and of course Andriasov. Andriasov´s music melted in among the other traditional flute composers music perfectly. I was really proud of having the chance to play this wonderful piece, and I will definitely do so again. My next performance of “Musical Sketch” will be in the church of Vöyri in July 2015. The concert will be a goodwill concert to support the work of Save the Children, and I´m sure that Iosif Andriasov´s music once again will be a success.”

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