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Dmitry Shostakovich, Composer

"When the entire world lost a sense of harmony, composer Iosif Andriasov has not only not lost this sense, but added to harmony a new quality."

Scott Macomber, Trumpet

"I have thought for a long time that Iosif Andriasov's Concertino for trumpet and orchestra should have a more prominent place in the standard trumpet repertoire. Performing it with the composer’s son was a real honor and deepened my appreciation for this amazing piece."

Thanh-Tam Le, Violin

"Every single piece by Iosif Andriasov is well worth immersing oneself in. It is obvious that performers revel in playing it, which is hardly surprising. This music is rooted in profound values, unflinching beliefs, but it also emanates from a vibrant soul and what could only have been a deeply good human being."

Margaret Luke Cornils, Flute

"Iosif wrote an absolutely haunting Musical Sketch for flute and orchestra (piano). It is rather short but is filled with much depth. I could feel Iosif's power and determination through this piece. It is compelling and is filled with much emotion that radiates to the audience."

Lawrence London, Clarinet

“I'm a clarinetist, so I ordered Iosif Andriasov’s Clarinet Concertino right away, and started to practice it and discovered in it an exhilarating, original personality. It's a compact work, only about seven minutes long, but there's a range of expressive qualities in it, and every time I approach it, it seems fresh and new.”

Tigran Arakelyan, Flute

“As a flutist it is evident to me that Iosif Andriasov had a full grasp and understanding of the possibilities on the flute and used every note and phrase to its fullest potential. I hope that future generations of composers can hear, study and learn from Iosif Andriasov and his compositional style and techniques."


"Iosif Andriasov is an extraordinary talent." - Zoltan Kodaly, Composer

"I never imagined that such talents as Iosif Andriasov could exist."
- Evgeny K. Golubev, Composer

Iosif Andriasov Symphonies
 "Beautiful and touching music."
- Herbert Blomstedt, Conductor

"Iosif Andriasov is a man of profound spirituality and integrity."
- Ivan Galamian, Violin Professor

"Iosif Andriasov is a genuine talent and a genuine human being."
- Yuri Usov, Trumpeter

"It was a pleasure to work with Arshak Andriasov on his Romances. They are incredibly moving pieces - short but powerful, and very touching. The thought that is behind his music is extraordinary, and it was a joy to learn the deep psychological aspects of his music and to understand the context in which they were composed. Experiencing his music, whether singing, playing, or listening, is a gift and a lesson in humanity, bringing beauty to the world."
- Katherine Napiwotzki, Soprano

"Mr. (Iosif) Andriasov's Second Symphony deserves special praise for its deeply stirring content and masterful realization."
- Musik und Gesellschaft, Magazine

Iosif Andriasov Concertino
"I enjoyed the piece and performance very much."
David Elton, Trumpet

"Great, great, and beautiful music this Iosif Andriasov's Trumpet Concertino!
Equally impressive and pleasant is your "Torch, No. 1". I just love the passionate, warm and expressive Russian-style musicianship on this performance." - Fabio Simao, Trumpet

Arshak Andriasov Romances
"Thank you for sharing your beautiful pieces. They are amazing."
Shahrzad Tavakol, Soprano

Iosif Andriasov Second Symphony
"With its beautiful melodic lines, and the sound of bells, Mr. Andriasov's music touches you right down to your heart."
- Yomiuri, Newspaper

"In the Soviet Union, a 20th century renaissance may have begun. Iosif Andriasov is part of that renaissance and a central figure in the movement."
- Ronald Schweitzer, Conductor

Iosif Andriasov Trumpet Concertino "Magnificent polyphonic effects, extraordinary orchestral colors."
- Melodiya, Recording Label

Iosif Andriasov "An outstanding composer - one of the greatest of this century."
Newport Music Festival

Iosif Andriasov Clarinet Concertino
"I think it is beautiful." - Ashley Estrop, Clarinet